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  • The Latest on Coffee and Type 2 Diabetes

    By Michael Roizen, MD, and Mehmet Oz, MD

    The theory of spontaneous generation—living creatures can emerge from inanimate objects—was considered good science into the 1600’s. One Flemish physician created a recipe for a mouse (a soiled cloth plus wheat for...Full Post
  • Surprising Reasons Dark Chocolate is Good For You

    By Michael Roizen, MD, and Mehmet Oz, MD

    Tales From the Darkside: The Movie, (1990) featured the not-yet-so-famous Christian Slater, Steve Buscemi and Julianne Moore in a tale of a gut-wrenching dinner menu guaranteed to upset even the strongest constitution....Full Post
  • Do Over Your Health! Here’s How

    We all make bad health decisions. Maybe we eat an extra slice of pizza at dinner or skip the gym to veg out on the couch. But when we do things we know aren’t necessarily the best for our health, we tend to beat ourselves up about them. Well, I’m here to tell...Full Post
  • Help Kids Spring into Summer: Trampoline Safety

    A new study says from 2002 to 2011 over one million trampoline injuries (almost all happen at home) cost $1 BILLION in emergency hospital care. Kids around nine-years-old account for most of the fractures to fingers, hands, forearms, and elbows. Injuries to the head,...Full Post
  • Does Calling Obesity a Disease Matter?

    Last year when the American Medical Association classified obesity as a disease, public health officials and doctors were hopeful it would provide more than 200 million overweight and obese North Americans with an understanding of the seriousness of their condition and...Full Post
  • BOOMERANG to Health

    We all know how real boomerangs work—toss one in the air, let it fly, and hope it comes right back to you. All’s great (unless it bonks you in the head). Now what about those metaphorical boomerangs? Well, they work in the same way, too. Let something fly—an idea,

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    Yes, I was involved in it. The New York Times article by Pam Belluck on whether anesthesia, when used in young children, can lead to cognitive problems or learning disabilities, caused some pediatric operating rooms to almost come to a halt.

    Parents appropriately asked more questions. At Arkansas

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  • BLOG FROM THE ENFORCER, Young Dr Mike: The Week That Was— Plus The Best Med Stories...

    As the SPF 50 came out—after Sin City we went to Sun City or nearby La Quinta California just outside Palm Springs. Thanks to a nice officer of the law who let me go with a warning as I was rushing to the hot tub (no I wasn’t going to drive the car in). But that one event (speeding)--save

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    The biggest sexual organ is the brain, so I guess it is appropriate to talk about and raise money for brain health in sin city – or as I like to say, the world’s sexiest city. Now don’t get the wrong impression; Nancy and our kids Jeff and Jenn joined me this time. You’d think

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    I know I missed a week of blogging. Over the holiday was a time I chose to answer more questions and do planning for Cleveland Clinic’s corporate customers. Yes, we do wellness programs for corporations, case in point: Lafarge. Now Lafarge is a big cement and aggregate

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