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  • Can Sleep Problems in Teens Predict Substance Abuse?

    When thinking about the factors that contribute to teenage drinking and drug use, sleep may not make many parents’ lists. But it should. New research investigating the relationship between sleep and substance use among adolescents has found that sleep troubles...Full Post
  • Cultivating Mindfulness to Help Sleep

    Talk of mindfulness—and its capacity to improve health and well being—seems to be everywhere these days. From stress reduction, to exercise, to eating and weight management, mindfulness practices are increasingly being recognized for their therapeutic benefits....Full Post
  • Our Dreaming World

    Dreaming is a fundamental, seemingly timeless part of the human experience. For many thousands of years, humans have contemplated, theorized about, and given meaning to dreams. Ancient cultures paid great attention to dreams. Among diverse ancient cultures,...Full Post
  • How to Keep Snoring from Hurting Your Relationship

    Snoring doesn’t just interfere with the snorer’s sleep. When it comes to couples, one person’s snoring often means sleep trouble for two. And it isn’t only sleep that can suffer. Snoring can put great strain on relationships. A snoring problem often creates...Full Post
  • Is Sleep Apnea Related to the "Sperm Crisis"?

    The past decade or so has seen the development a worrisome trend in fertility studies—evidence that suggests the possibility of broad declines in male sperm quality. In particular, a French study released in 2012 found significant declines in sperm quality...Full Post
  • Dreaming and our waking lives

    How much thought do you give to your dreaming life? We all wake and occasionally wonder why we dreamt a particular set of circumstances—let’s face it, sometimes dreams can seem strange in the light of the waking day. And for all of us at some point, a bad dream...Full Post
  • EPAP and the future of snoring

    Do you have a snorer in your life? Most of us do. Maybe you have a parent or a sibling who is known in the family for their snoring. Perhaps your partner snores. Maybe the snorer in your life is you. Snoring is one of the most common sleep problems, and can...Full Post
  • Mind-body therapies to ease insomnia

    Insomnia can be a frustrating cycle of sleeplessness to break. For many people, insomnia leads not only to daytime fatigue, sleepiness, and irritability, but also to anxiety about sleep itself. Feeling stress about one’s ability to sleep can make falling asleep...Full Post
  • Does cancer grow more aggressively at night?

    Scientists studying relationships between different types of cells have encountered some new and potentially important information about how—and when—cancerous tumors grow most aggressively. According to a new study, cancerous tumors may grow faster at night,...Full Post
  • Is seven hours of sleep ideal?

    Eight hours. That’s the nightly sleep recommendation you hear most frequently, the gold standard for a healthy sleep routine. But what if it isn’t? I read this article in the Wall Street Journal with great interest, for it points to recent research that suggests...Full Post