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Dr. Franz Monroy

  • Family Medicine
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Male
  • Languages: Spanish, English
  • Office Hours
  • Accepting New Patients

Dr. Monroy's Background

Dr. Franz Monroy is a family doctor in Murray, Utah, serving patients from across the south Salt Lake City area. He practices family medicine at Intermountain Healthcare's Medical Tower Family Practice.

After earning a master’s degree in public health and a medical degree at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Dr. Monroy became a resident within the University of Utah Family Medicine Residency’s honor program. 

Dr. Monroy is particularly interested in serving underserved patients and the local Spanish-speaking population. He helped found the Latino Medical Student Association at the University of Utah School of Medicine; served as a liaison for the Association of Minority Medical Students at University of Utah; and was awarded for his excellent contributions to diversity and community outreach at the University of Utah. 
  • 2008
  • Medical School
  • University of Utah School of Medicine
  • Salt Lake City, UT