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  • Unlike preventive medicine, a more conventional medicine specialty, alternative medicine is not as supported by scientific and evidence-based studies. Watch preventive medicine expert David Katz, MD, explain the difference in these specialty areas. Read More
  • Some doctors and medical professionals are resistant to alternative medicine because there is often a lack of scientific evidence to support many of the modalities. In this video, preventive medicine expert David Katz, MD, discusses this concept. Read More
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  • Sharecare News
    Sharecare News posted a story about Psychiatry:

    SATURDAY, May 3, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- Depression may increase the risk of Crohn's disease flare-ups in people with the inflammatory bowel disorder, an early new study suggests.

    The study included about 3,150 Crohn's patients who completed online questionnaires about their disease, its...Full Article

  • I recommend the following questions as a matter of routine in response to any recommended test or treatment:

    Is this the lowest risk option? If not, does this approach add benefit that more than offsets the risk? Is this the test or treatment you would have if you were in my shoes? Is this the...Read More
  • Sharecare News
    Sharecare News posted a story about Physical Medicine/rehabilitation:

    TUESDAY, April 8, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- Four men paralyzed below the waist have regained some movement in their legs after a series of electrodes implanted along their spinal cord reawakened nerves long thought deadened, researchers are reporting.

    Electrical stimulation of the spinal c...Full Article