Dr. Deepak Chopra, a Sharecare expert, is the Founder of The Chopra Foundation and the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, California. He is known as a prolific author of over fifty-six books with eighteen best sellers on mind-body health, spirituality, and peace. He is a senior scientist for The Gallup Poll. Chopra’s Wellness Radio airs weekly on Sirius Stars, Channel 102 that focuses on the areas - success, love, sexuality and relationships, well being, and spirituality. A global force in the field of human empowerment, Dr. Chopra has been published in more than forty languages with more than twenty million copies of his books in print. He is heralded by Time Magazine as “one of the top one hundred heroes and icons of this century.”


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  • Founder of The Chopra Foundation and the Chopra Center for Wellbeing


  • Deepak Chopra answered:
    Merely tolerating another person is a distortion of true tolerance.True tolerance comes about when you no longer have to defend yourown point of view. You can honor someone else's while yet notadopting it. To reach such a position means you have discardedjudgment, which insists that one viewpoint...Read More
  • Deepak Chopra answered:
    The credo of the true self is joy with detachment. The joy comesfrom no longer having to cling to a small, defended territory. Thedetachment comes from having such wide awareness that everything isat once yours and not yours.

    Joy with detachment is the spiritual aim of life. On the healingpath you will...Read More
  • Deepak Chopra answered:
    My soul knows me as lacking nothing.

    This affirmation is about being sufficient within yourself to meet any challenge. Use this as your affirmation today. Then as you goabout your routine, notice all the things you want to buy or cling to or possess as your own. Don't judge these impulses; just be...Read More
  • Deepak Chopra answered:
    The mind is used to protecting itself from threats by overlooking and denying them. Even though something very bad might be easily predictable -- heart disease in a person who never exercises, smokes, and eats a high-fat diet -- the news that you have a potentially fatal condition arrives with a...Read More
  • Deepak Chopra answered:
    Panic arises when the mind is so overloaded by distress that all coherence is lost. Fear roams the mind at will, breaking down every barrier. Because the mind-body system is arranged to restore balance by any means, this total incoherence lasts for only a short time. Panic is one of the most frig...Read More
  • Deepak Chopra answered:
    I will see everyone as I see myself.

    This affirmation is about perception. After saying thisaffirmation, ponder it for a moment. People are different in manyways that can't be denied. We look different; we have differenttastes and backgrounds. If you focus on differences, as the egodoes, you can't...Read More
  • Deepak Chopra answered:
    In its detachment the soul performs no actions. Yet it has enteredeverything. The physical matter of the cosmos has been expressingspirit at every instant since the Big Bang. Behind the randommotion of swirling superheated gases, a hidden purpose was playingitself out. Being was upholding life. In...Read More
  • Deepak Chopra answered:
    As a baby grows up, their consciousness will be shaped by manyforces. Every force listed below is influencing your choices and invisibly pushing you into action:

    The forces that shape every newborn child:
    • Parental guidance or the lack of it
    • The presence of love or its absence
    • The context
    ...Read More
  • Deepak Chopra answered:
    There are only three kinds of people in your life: Those who leave you alone, those who help you and those who hurt you.

    People who leave you alone are dealing with your suffering as anuisance or an inconvenience - they prefer to keep their distancein order to feel better themselves. People who help...Read More
  • Deepak Chopra answered:
    In your own life there is a stream of joy that is elemental andunshakable.
    My fancy was caught by an episode in the adventures of CarlosCastaneda when his master Don Juan sends him to a witch who has theability to adopt the perception of any creature. The witch allowsCastaneda to feel exactly like an...Read More
  • Deepak Chopra answered:
    If you strip away all the distractions of life, something yet remains that is you. This version of yourself doesn't have to think or dream; it doesn't need sleep to feel rested. There is real joy in finding this version of yourself because it is already at home. It lives above the fray, totally untouched...Read More
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    Sharecare News posted a story about Pain Medicine:

    TUESDAY, July 15, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- Relief for chronic pain may be just a phone call away, according to a new study.

    Pain is a major health problem in the United States and costs the country more than $600 billion each year in lost productivity and health care.

    For this stu...Full Article

  • Deepak Chopra answered:
    There is a link between suffering and unreality. The way we forgetthe peace and clarity of "I am" can be broken down into fiveaspects. In Sanskrit these are called the five kleshas, the rootcauses of every form of suffering.
    1. Not knowing what is real
    2. Grasping and clinging to the unreal
    3. Being
    ...Read More
  • Deepak Chopra answered:
    The body’s wisdom is a good entry point into the hidden dimensions of life, because although completely invisible, the body’s wisdom is undeniably real – a fact that medical researchers began to accept in the mid 1980s. In a sweeping medical revolution, scientists have stepped into a hidden dimension that no one had...Read More
  • Deepak Chopra answered:
    Let others see you as you truly are. At many points on the spiritual path you will feel exalted and holy. You will know without a doubt that spirit is in you. But showing this to others is difficult. Should you behave like a saint? Should you wait until your family notices that a holy person is sitting...Read More