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    Let me start by saying this is friendly fire. I support your courage in battling for health care reform. But I must offer my perspective as a professional interventionist, former smoker and recovering drug addict and alcoholic as to how much damage you are doing

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  • JUST 10 NOW -

    When Dr. Oz asked me to help him launch the Just 10 challenge this past summer, to help Americans lose ten pounds and take a brilliant first step toward a healthier life, I was thrilled. Why is it so important to lose just 10 pounds? How can a 10-pound weight

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  • Your Need to Feed -

    My client Rob eats like I used to eat. Compulsive binger –not a tummy hunger, but an emotional one. Four heart attacks and 16 years spent trying to reboot his eating routine. A broken career from it, a marriage on the rocks, his sex-life in shambles. He doesn&

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  • JUST 10 Challenge: Cravings Intervention -

    If you’ve ever tried to quit smoking or witnessed someone close to you going through it, you know the signs of withdrawal – shaking, crankiness, ups and downs of mania and fatigue. When someone is in the early stages of getting clean of nicotine, the sight

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  • Signs, Secrets & Symptoms of Addiction -

    You often don't notice the signs of addiction until it's a boiling crisis. Here are the warning signs that every woman should know.

    When my phone rings, it's not just crummy news. Often, a heartbreaking event has occurred. Like last week, a woman

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