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  • The Healthy Habit Swap

    It’s FLASHBACK Tuesday: Remember 70’s TV Star KOJAK? Ever wonder why actor Telly Savalas always had a lollipop in his mouth? In the show, his character, Detective Kojak, was trying to stop smoking. Nobody argues for cigarettes as a healthy habit, but sugar...Full Post

    Shorter days. Colder weather. Winter straight ahead!

    With that cold and darkness comes a lot of people getting grey, and it’s not just you!

    Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of “grey” or depression occurring in countries far away from the equator...Full Post

    You saw how long a faulty wire in a car that killed many, can take to simmer to the surface of a HEADLINE. Change takes time (a long-held belief), except when it doesn’t. Miracles reflect change in an instant I think. So does Ebola in NYC for that matter. Truly,...Full Post

    1 + 1 = 2, right?

    I know, I know, I know. Math don’t lie - but it was never my strength spot either.

    You tell a kid a bottle of soda has 250 calories, and it’s just a number. Same for me really. I do the math, but do I really do the math? With kids plus-sized...Full Post

    Who doesn’t want to be happy? “I just want to be sad…” is never heard. EVERYONE wants to be happy.

    We strive for, hope for and dig in to get happy, yet what makes it so in our own lives? What recipe for HAPPY takes it beyond a goal to reality?

    Happiness R...Full Post

    In an epidemic, snake oil comes in all shapes, sizes, bottles and pills. Desperate to shed weight, one may try anything. Get that quick fix, the skinny plunge, it’s easy to go blind to the facts while focussing on the fiction of a promise: THIS IS THE MIRACLE!...Full Post
  • Stress + Obesity

    How we eat, why we eat, and where we store when what we eat is more than our body needs (that’s where the fat comes in) continue to make headline after headline.

    Crash eating plans.
    Eat this, not that to lose the _______ (fat, inches, shame,...Full Post
  • Children and Exercise

    Were you a good kid? I bet I’d get a “B+” from my mom today if you asked her. Maybe an “A-” depending on her mood when questioned.

    I loved to read. Sucked the books up with a straw; just couldn’t get enough. Mom made me take piano lessons for years, but the...Full Post
  • Invitation to Change: An Obesity Rx

    Often loved ones of those who are overweight, carry the hurt too. They may try to give their loved one encouragement or confrontation, depending on the day to move them into self-care different than what’s being done. Or they stand in silence, thinking they...Full Post
  • Obesity State by State

    The obesity epidemic continues to plague our nation. New studies suggest that different states, races, and social statuses may be more prone to it’s wrath than others. The numbers may vary, but it’s havoc is everywhere countrywide.

    According to the Washington...Full Post