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  • Overweight but not Over Fed

    As Americans continue to struggle with their weight, the ongoing issue of obesity continues to be, well, big. When we talk about weight loss and obesity the first place people often look is over consumption of unhealthy, processed, sugar-rich foods. As it turns...Full Post
  • Live Happily Ever After

    Whether we live long or die young greatly depends on the lifestyle we choose. Devices such as smoking and drinking are well documented as detriments to our health. Focusing on what not to do can be very overwhelming. Instead of focusing on what will kill us,...Full Post
  • Binge Season

    Hurricane Season, we’re used to. The impending storm gets a name. We prepare and if in the zone, then hold one’s breath and wait. Right? Same for certain human behaviors we see, and where we know. It’s the beginning of July, and we’re rounding the corner towards...Full Post

    Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is used to getting his way. A billionaire with a point of view, he gets what he wants most of the time so last weeks legal ruling effectively ending his effort to outlaw giant soda cups in NYC must have disappointed....Full Post
  • Aspartame: No Calorie with a Cost

    It’s easy to assume when a product says low-cal on a food label that it’s healthy. Sadly that is not always the case. In our ever expanding world, we search for every advantage we can get in managing weight. Unfortunately, with manufactured alternatives to...Full Post
  • Weight Loss Implant: New Device Same Problem

    Another quick fix weight loss solution has come about as the plight of obesity continues to plague our nation. According to Healthday News, “A new implant designed to curb the appetite by electrically stimulating stomach nerves may have moved closer to U.S. Food...Full Post
  • Sleep Hygiene: You Gotta Make It Happen

    I can sleep anywhere, or nearly so.

    It’s just one of those things I’ve learned how to do well.

    A corner, in sunlight, with a t-shirt over my eyes.

    Or while preparing to take off, flying NYC to LA with the eye mask on, and a sound of ocean waves humming...Full Post
  • A Fitness Rx: Fun Matters

    You know the routine - mind, body + spirit. Tap all three through strong clinical help, mindful exercise and focused clean food work and you’ve got the not-so-secret recipe for success.

    We all know exercising is a key way to live well. Too often it’s neglected with those...Full Post
  • Fitness Rx: Put a Little More FUN in It!

    Brad Lamm, CIP

    Today, the majority of us struggle with weight, leaving us desperate to find our miracle fix. With weight loss surgeries and extreme dieting, everyone’s got a different “solution” to solve the epidemic of heavy and hurting. However, it wouldn&...Full Post
  • Summer Eat Wave

    Brad Lamm, CIP

    No more pencils, no more books, and no more teacher’s dirty looks. Same story, different year...but wait. Something’s changed for the bigger, not better, and it’s up to all you parents to commit to go old school - and by that I mean down and...Full Post