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  • Motiva....


    Sometimes even typing long words can be a chore!

    Here in New England, we have rapidly gone from the most vibrant colors of early autumn to the cheery "browns" of late fall. Yup - for the 10,456th consecutive year, winter will follow the fall and...Full Post
  • Good or Bad? Success or Failure?

    For those on the path to health and wellness, we often mark the end of the day as a "success" or "failure" based on the food choices we made that day, or the time we logged at the gym. Even worse, we might say that we were "good" or "bad". It's time for...Full Post
  • December Pledge for Health & Wellness

    December Pledge for Health & Wellness

    - I will make this the best December of my life in terms of overall health & wellness.

    - I will be making this pledge for and to myself.

    - I will maintain an accurate, measured and honest food journal to share with Andy,

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  • Healthy Living is Your Choice!

    I hope that everyone is having a wicked good week and month of November thus far.

    On the first Sunday of November, the clocks are turned back and with that often comes that old feeling in the air that winter is rapidly approaching. For many, the dark days

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  • How will you lead by example today????

    Today is National Employee Fitness Day. If your employer has somehow "missed" this opportunity, how will you take the initiative and lead your fellow employees today? Be a leader!

    Use your imagination and some of the neat things you've learned here at Sh

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  • Celebrate National Running Day

    Wednesday June 1, 2011 is National Running Day!

    Please find a way to embrace this day and celebrate with friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. Then you can submit your photos to me and I will put something together to mark the big bash to celebrate runners

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  • Serenity NOW!

    "The stress in my life is causing me to skip my workouts and food logging, and I'm eating far too much. I hope to get back to it when this stress goes away."

    Does this sound familiar?

    This is a very common sentiment among this Sharecare Community. In the

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  • Run, Run, Run!

    I've now distributed 5k (3.1mile), 10k (6.2mile), and Half-Marathon (13.1mile) training programs to ambitious and dedicated members of this community.

    If you are interested in walking or running one of these distances in a road race, send me an email an

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  • Pictures and Smiles

    When this challenge began in January, many of you left your profile picture blank. Those who chose a photo, used one that showed only your face, or was from a few months or years back when you were thinner.

    After about 5 weeks, the profile pictures began to

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  • Back in the saddle again

    I want to apologize to any of you who I've left hanging over the last 5 days or so. I want you to know that I DO read your emails and comments on my page. I have been so busy with my running team and the 1/2 marathon that we just completed. However, that

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