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What is the vulva?

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  • AMehmet Oz, MD, Cardiology, answered
    The vulva is the outer area of the vagina, which includes the clitoris, vaginal lips (labia), and the outer entrance of the vagina called the vestibule. Since it is the hub of the sexual experience, the nerve endings here, particularly around the clitoris, are plentiful. It also houses the urethra, the end of line for the urinary tract.
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  • AScott Kamelle, MD, Oncology, answered on behalf of Aurora Health Care
    The vulva is a part of female genitalia. It includes the large and small labia or lips of the female anatomy. These labia and underlying tissue in that area make up what most people refer to as the "outside" of the vagina. The vagina, which is anatomically separate from the vulva, is the skin and underlying tissue that is "inside" a woman. The vagina is attached to the cervix (which is the end of the uterus) at its "deepest" point.
  • ABoston Women's Health Book Collective, Administration, answered

    The vulva is the part of the female genitals that you can see from the outside. It includes the labia majora (outer lips), the labia minora (small, inner lips), and the introitus (vaginal opening) with its mucus-producing glands.

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  • AHealthwise answered
    The vulva is the area surrounding the opening of the vagina. The vulva includes the small, sensitive structure (clitoris) that becomes stimulated during sexual activity and the folds of skin or lips (labia) that cover the vagina and the opening of the tube leading from the bladder (urethra).

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  • AGood In Bed answered
    If you thought the name for a woman’s external genitals (the parts that you can see) was vagina, you’re not alone. The truth is, many of us don’t know the proper name for a variety of body parts, especially the sexual ones. The correct name for a woman’s external genitals is vulva. And just one part of the vulva is the opening to the vagina. In fact, the vagina itself is not considered part of the vulva, since it is inside a woman’s body.

    The vulva describes a woman’s external genitals. In addition to the vaginal opening, the vulva includes the labia minora, the smooth “inner lips” that are free of hair; the labia majora, the fleshier “outer lips” that typically have hair on one side; the clitoris; the clitoral hood; the mons veneris, the fatty mound of tissue that covers the pubic bone; and the perineum, a smooth patch of skin that lays between the vaginal opening and the anus. 
  • AEmily Nagoski, Psychology, answered on behalf of Good In Bed

    Vulva is the name for the whole kit and kaboodle, the entirety of a woman’s external genitalia (excluding the urethra, which is technically part of the excretory system, not the reproductive system). The term “vagina” refers only to the birth canal; the general term for women’s genitals is “vulva.

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