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How can I find walking partners?

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  • ALarry Cheskin, MD, Gastroenterology, answered on behalf of Johns Hopkins Medicine

    Begin by asking people you are close with to walk with you, like a spouse/significant other, a family member, or a neighbor. While they may begin with a different level of initial fitness, they’ll likely be able to join you for a regular walk.

    Not only will this give you a walking partner, but it will also provide you with an opportunity to catch up with each other in a relaxed environment.

    A walking partner provides accountability – if you feel like you’ll be breaking an appointment with a close friend or family member, you’ll be less likely to skip the walk.

  • AJonathan Penney, Fitness, answered on behalf of National Academy of Sports Medicine

    You may be able to find walking groups or partners at your local recreation centers. Other areas include YMCA’s, police departments, or any area that has community involvement. Look through local newspapers. Many venues are available. If you are unable then try starting your own!

    A great way to start a program will be to find a few areas in which walking could take place. Be sure the area is safe for all, be sure lighting is present especially if every walking in the evening hours, and be sure you feel comfortable walking there. Following, contact your town to see about putting an ad in the paper. Next, post something on your town’s website. You may have to do some further investigation but this will be a good start!

  • ATara Finch , NASM Elite Trainer, Fitness, answered

    Walking is a great exercise and also a great time to socialize with friends, family, or complete strangers even!

    There are a few ways that you can find walking partners or groups, here are a few:

    Check with co-workers, neighbors, family or friends.

    You can go to websites like: to find walking groups in your area.

    You can also do a broad website search 'walking groups in (my area)'

    Check your community center for postings to see if others are looking for partners as well.

    Those are simply a few examples. Good luck on your search to find a walking partner!

  • Man Walking
    Its a great idea to find a partner for walking. This can be a great thing to hold each other accountable and have fun.Ask family members and friends,try to motivate them to join you. If you belong to a gym ask around and find people that go for walks already or ask them to join you. Have fun and be safe.

    Man Walking
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