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What exercises can I do to reduce my saddlebags?

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  • AMehmet Oz, MD, Cardiology, answered
    Saddlebag Workout
    Women are built to have saddlebags, but there are many exercises you can do to reduce them.

    Watch as Dr. Oz does exercises that can reduce saddlebags with fitness expert Geralyn Coopersmith in this video.

  • If you have deposits of fat in areas like the outer thighs they can be reduced through a combination of diet and exercise. As your body starts to dip into fat stores for energy it will take fat from all over the body and eventually from your trouble areas such as the outer thighs. The fatter  the body stores in one area the longer it will take to remove fat from that area, but if you’re diligent you will eventually see a reduction in that area. 
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