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Which exercises release endorphins?

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    If you exercise three times a week for about 45 minutes each, you can reap the same emotional benefits as someone taking an antidepressant, researchers say. Walking, gardening, doing housework, and bicycling each release a lot of endorphins, or calming, mood-boosting hormones. So does laughter, looking at art and thinking positive thoughts.

    African American Runner, Female
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  • Any exercises done vigorously for 30-45 minutes can release endorphins into the blood stream. Activities like running, lifting, cycling, participating sports, hiking, or even doing chores around the house can release endorphins into the blood stream. Regular physical activity has been shown to be as effective or more effective than anti depressants in helping people with mild to moderate depression. The endorphins and other chemicals released from regular exercise, and activity  strongly contribute to mental health and feelings of well being. 
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