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What skills should a 3-year-old child be able to do?

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  • AMichael Roizen, MD, Internal Medicine, answered
    Here are the skills, traits, or habits a child will typically have developed by age three:

    Social and Emotional
    • Imitates playmates and adults
    • Can take turns in games
    • Expresses affection and wide range of emotions
    • Can separate from parents (fairly) easily
    Learning and Language
    • Matches object in hand to picture
    • Completes puzzles of a few pieces
    • Understands most sentences
    • Follows commands
    • Recognizes common objects
    • Uses three- to four-word sentences
    • Can say name and age and uses pronouns

    Gross Motor

    • Climbs well
    • Walks up and down stairs
    • Kicks ball
    • Runs easily
    • Pedals tricycle

    Fine Motor

    • Can draw lines and circular shapes with pencil
    • Turns pages in book one at a time
    • Builds tower of more than a few blocks
  • ACharles Schwartz, MD, Pediatrics, answered on behalf of Penn Medicine

    A three year old should have clear speech in which 75 to 80 percent of their speech is understandable. They will talk in complete sentences of 3-5 words. Some three year-olds will stumble over words sometimes but this is usually not a sign of stuttering. They will listen attentively to short stories and books. They will ask many who, what, where, and why questions. They can draw a circle and square. They can identify simple primary colors.

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