How can my stress affect my child's stress level?

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  • AMia Redrick, Healthcare, answered

    First of all, there's a lot of truth to the old saying: "When mom's not happy, no one is happy." We are the models by which our kids learn how to conduct their lives. We set the example for the most basic things, including saying hello to someone or how we talk on the phone. We also show them how to deal with stress. If we scream and yell, they will scream and yell. If we go for a run or do something that manages stress in a healthy way, they will mirror those behaviors.

    Also, kids are very perceptive to their parents' moods. They can become agitated, short-tempered, and moody if their parents--who should ideally be the most stable element in their life--are the same.

    Try to filter the information you give to your kids. There is a tendency for parents to tell them too much. Allow them their childhood. Your problems should not be their problems.

  • AMichele Borba, Psychology, answered
    Keep yourself strong to make sure your kids are stress-free. Don’t expect to be able to help allay your kids’ anxiety, unless you keep your own in check. Are you watching what you eat and reducing anxiety-increasers such as caffeine and sugar, exercising, getting enough rest, seeking the support of friends, or spending a quiet moment alone?

    Remember, you can tell your kids you’re not worried about those world events or a troubled economy, but unless your behavior sends the same message your words have no meaning.

    Our parenting priority must be to keep ourselves so we can keep our kids’ strong. That means we need to reduce our harried, hurried schedules so can model calmness to our kids. So just cut out one thing–be it the book club, the violin lessons, or cooking the “gourmet dinner” every night. Just reduce one thing! Your kids mirror your behavior and will be calmer if you are calmer.
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