How long does shingles usually last?

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  • AMehmet Oz, MD, Cardiology, answered
    A case of shingles can last for up to a few weeks or more. The early symptoms include pain, itching, tingling, or a burning sensation at one location on the body, such as one side of the waist or face. A few days after these symptoms begin, the skin on the afflicted body part develops fluid-filled blisters. These blisters usually go away, along with the other symptoms, within 14 days or so. However, some shingles sufferers have lingering pain and itching that lasts for many weeks or months after the skin rash has disappeared. 
  • Shingles usually lasts for a few weeks. Usually, the first symptom is pain or numbness. A few days later, blisters appear. The blisters last for several days and then usually scab over. Most of the time, blisters and other symptoms are gone after a couple weeks, but pain may last longer in some cases. Anti-viral medications may be used to help speed up recovery.

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