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How can alcohol affect sexual performance?

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  • AIan Kerner, PhD, Sexual Health, answered on behalf of Good In Bed
    Consuming high levels of alcohol can cause sexual dysfunction from loss of erection to disabling the nervous system’s natural sexual responses.
  • AHarry Fisch, MD, Urology, answered
    A lot of research suggests that alcohol should be bad for sex. Scientists have measured how alcohol affects penile swelling, vaginal engorgement, time required to achieve orgasm (both during intercourse and masturbation) and vaginal lubrication. The results? Alcohol inhibits all of these sexual responses. Erections are slower to rise and quicker to fall, vaginas are slower to lubricate, and orgasms are delayed.

    And yet many people report that moderate amounts of alcohol are good for sex. In one of the largest surveys addressing the issue, 45% of men and 68% of women said that alcohol enhances their sexual enjoyment.
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