How does Medicaid help people with schizophrenia?

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  • AMark Morocco, MD, Emergency Medicine, answered
    Medicaid is a federal and state program offering financial assistance to people who cannot afford health care, including some with schizophrenia. In order to qualify, applicants must have a very limited income, or receive no income at all. Medicaid can help them pay for their mental health care, including doctor appointments and prescription drugs. People who can apply for Medicaid include:

    - pregnant women, parents, and children on limited incomes
    - people disabled by their illness who are unable to work
    - senior citizens in need of healthcare treatment

    In order to apply for Medicaid, a person with schizophrenia must learn how to navigate the application process. Friends, family members, and social workers can be helpful during this time. Many people who are turned down initially are able to appeal the decision, or re-apply for benefits.
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