What are the benefits of running?

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  • AJonathan Penney, Fitness, answered on behalf of National Academy of Sports Medicine

    Running has many benefits:

    • Running will help improve your overall cardiovascular endurance. 
    • Running can also help increase your metabolism
    • Can assist in weight loss
    • A great way to get away from the stressors of life and enjoy time to yourself!
    • Inexpensive as little equipment is needed, only a pair of well support running shoes and attire to support your atmosphere

    Go out, enjoy yourself!

  • Running is a wonderful way to strengthen your heart and muscles, and can give you some added benefits such as:

    • It doesn’t require special equipment, just sturdy running shoes
    • You can do it anywhere, anytime, with anybody
    • It increases your cardiovascular health and decreases your blood pressure
    • It makes your pants fit better
    • It builds bone density
    • It burns roughly 100 calories per mile
    • It builds confidence

    Lace up your shoes and try running around the block, your local track, woodsy trails, around your city or even on the treadmill- just get out and run!  

  • ARobin Miller, MD, Internal Medicine, answered
    Dr. Robin Miller - jogging

    Jogging can help you live longer, according to a recent study from Denmark. In this video, integrative medicine specialist Dr. Robin Miller shares the details of the study and tips for how to safely run for your life.

  • AEric Olsen, Fitness, answered
    Jogging or running (the difference seems to be in the eye of the beholder) offer most of the same advantages of walking -- simple, nothing to learn, can be done anywhere -- with the additional benefit of increased intensity; you can pack more work into and burn more calories during a limited amount of time. Running may also provide psychological benefits that walking doesn't, at least for the more hard-driving among us, who may feel the need to get from here to there as quickly as possible and that anything less is a violation of the American work ethic. Running works the lower body, like walking, and provides excellent conditioning for the cardiovascular system.
  • ABrooke Randolph, Marriage & Family Therapy, answered
    We write about the health benefits of running frequently, but there are several mental health benefits also, including the following:
    • Run when you are feeling angry or frustrated to burn off the extra energy. Research has shown that nothing relieves stress more than physical exercise.
    • Running increases endorphins which contribute to a general sense of well-being and mood elevation, so running can make you feel better when you are sad.
    • Running is an excellent way to fight anxiety. Naturally inducing and recovering from the adrenaline response allows your body to practice recovering from physical effects of anxiety.
    • If you are feeling lonely or disillusioned with people in general, running on a local trail (like Indy's Monon Trail, Canal Walk, or Cultural Trail) will expose you to several people enjoying the weather and/or exercising, as well as dogs and kids, and present many opportunities to enjoy and share a smile.
    • Running gives you an opportunity to experience freedom and can be the perfect escape from stressors, being inside all day, or the daily grind when you are feeling trapped.
    • You can increase your self-esteem and feel empowered by running by accomplishing goals, experiencing what your body can do, and re-defining yourself.
    • Running also gives you an opportunity to escape into your own world, tune out everything else with your iPod, refocus, and be refreshed. You may need a break from stressors or people or just to allow your brain to rest.
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