Protein and Weight Loss

What are the best lean meat and fish choices for weight loss?

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  • Wild Alaskan Salmon, Chicken Breast, and Buffalo for your choice red meat.  Preferably all organic if possible.
  • AHarris McIlwain, MD, Rheumatology, answered
    Select leaner cuts of meat or poultry, as they are lower in fat and calories. Here are some lean protein choices I recommend to patients:

    - Beef: USDA Select or Choice grades of lean beef trimmed of fat, such as round, sirloin, and flank steak; tenderloin; roast (rib, chuck, rump); steak  (T-bone, porterhouse, cubed), ground round
    - Pork: Lean pork, such as fresh ham; canned, cured or boiled ham; Canadian bacon; tenderloin, center loin chop
    - Lamb: Roast, chop, leg
    - Veal: lean chop, roast
    - Poultry: Chicken, turkey (dark meat, no skin), chicken white meat (with skin),  domestic duck or goose (well-drained of fat, no skin)
    - Fish: Herring (uncreamed or smoked); oysters; salmon (fresh or canned); catfish; sardines (canned); tuna (canned in oil, drained), mackerel and other fatty fish
    - Game: Goose (no skin); rabbit
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