Physical Therapy

What do physical therapists specialize in?

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  • ADavid Potach, Physical Therapy, answered

    There are currently eight advanced specialties physical therapists may earn. The eight Board Certifications are:

    • Cardiovascular and Pulmonary (CCS)
    • Clinical Electrophysiology (ECS)
    • Geriatrics (GCS)
    • Neurology (NCS)
    • Orthopedics (OCS)
    • Pediatrics (PCS)
    • Sports (SCS)
    • Women's Health (WCS)

    Each specialty requires that a licensed physical therapist practice for 2000 hours in the given area and must then pass a rigorous examination.

  • Physical therapists are licensed professionals who specialize in using various types of treatment for pain, injury, disabilities, and physical limitations. They typically employ exercise, heat, cold, manipulation or massage, and electrical stimulation to decrease pain and restore the functional mobility of their patients.

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