Pain Treatment

How does a pain clinic work?

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  • ADebra Fulghum Bruce PhD, Healthcare, answered
    If you’ve exhausted all of the pain-relieving methods and are still suffering with chronic pain, you may want to seek support from a comprehensive pain program. Most pain clinics use a multifaceted approach to treatment, which includes a combination of medical and physical therapies, and psychological approaches to control pain. At a comprehensive pain clinic, you will receive an evaluation by a variety of healthcare professionals, including a neurologist, rheumatologist, anesthesiologist, physical medicine specialist, orthopedist, gynecologist, and a psychologist, among others. These doctors will work in consultation with each other to devise the best plan to relieve your pain. For instance, using a combination of medications, exercise and physical therapy, relaxation treatments, acupuncture, and psychotherapy, you may finally get optimal pain relief. 
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