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What are some foods that can stop me from losing weight?

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  • ALisa Lynn, Fitness, answered

    Sometimes, it's not the huge things that wreck our diets. Most of the time, it is the tiny little things we don't even think about. Here are the top diet destroyers that will definitely stop your weight loss:

    • Destroyer #1: Cheese, 2 oz of reduced fat cheese = 180 calories and 12 grams of fat

    Solution: Look for 100-calorie cheese snacks or sprinkle parmesan cheese on salads to get your fix.

    • Destroyer #2: Alcohol, 1 oz = 90 calories (Who uses just 1 oz?)

    Solution: If you're trying to lose weight in your midsection, none is better than some here. If you really must, go for a white wine spritzer, or simply use a smaller wine glass and don't fill it all the way. Water is your best solution!

    • Destroyer #3: ¼ cup of trail mix = 640 calories (That's about 4 handfuls.)

    Solution: Again, go for the 100-calorie snacks. If it is salt that you are craving, aim for salty snacks; if it is sweet, aim for a sweet snack.

    • Destroyer #4: Peanut butter, 2 tbsp reduced fat = 190 calories

    Solution: Instead of peanut butter, go for a peanut butter protein bar that is 100 calories or as close to 100 calories as possible.

    • Destroyer #5: Mayonnaise, 1 tbsp = 100 calories

    Solution: Go for a reduced fat mayo or mayo alternative instead of full fat mayo, and you will cut down the calories by half or more per serving. Some mayo substitutes are only 10 calories per tablespoon.

    • Destroyer #6: Pasta, 1 cup of small spirals = 315 calories Solution: Use veggies instead of pasta, and top with tomato sauce and a turkey meatball!

    The reality is that if you are serious about losing weight, none of these foods have a place in your diet. Stay away from these foods for 30 days so that you can see what an impact these foods have on your waistline. Once you reach your weight-loss goal, you can begin reintroducing some of the foods into your life. However, what you do to lose weight is also what keeps the weight off -- remember that these diet modifications also need to become a way of life.

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