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Is there a safe colon cleanser?

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  • AAnthony Komaroff, MD, Internal Medicine, answered
    I do not believe that colon cleansers are good for you.

    Some people who practice alternative medicine recommend colon cleansers. They say these products can treat many disorders and prevent colon cancer. They believe that a bowel that is not working properly causes many problems, and they recommend cleansing the colon to correct them.

    I have never found any scientific study to support this claim. I also have found no evidence to show that colon cleansing improves health, prevents cancer, removes "unwanted toxins" or boosts the immune system.

    I believe colon cleansers can be harmful. The body carefully controls the balance of water and electrolytes (such as potassium and sodium) in the blood and tissues. Colon cleansing can disrupt this balance. That can lead to dehydration, potassium depletion and other problems.

    Frequent colonic cleansings can lead to other problems, such as anemia and malnutrition. Cases of heart failure have been reported after cleansings. So have outbreaks of serious infections.

    I believe colon cleansers are not good to use and are unsafe.

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