Mental Health Basics

What does malingering mean?

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  • AWilliam Salt, MD, Gastroenterology, answered
    Malingering is feigning or grossly exaggerating physical or emotional/
    psychological symptoms. In contrast, patients with medically unexplained symptoms do not feign or intentionally produce their symptoms.
  • ARamani Durvasula, PhD, Psychology, answered
    Malingering is the conscious faking of symptoms - physical or psychiatric - for monetary or other material gain. For example - faking an injury to get a legal settlement, or time off from work. The person who malingers is doing it consciously and is aware of what he or she is doing. As a result, in cases in which a person's injuries, pain or psychiatric symptoms are not resolving as they should - and there is clear potential for financial or other gain - psychologists and psychiatrists will assess malingering.
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