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Is holding a grudge bad for your health?

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  • AMehmet Oz, MD, Cardiology, answered
    Dr. Oz - holding a grudge
    Holding a grudge can shut down your emotional growth in all areas of your life, say psychologist Barry Michels and psychiatrist Phil Stutz, Dr. Oz Show guests and authors of The Tools. In this video, the two explain why this kind of anger can be so damaging and how you can let go.
  • ABonnie Lynn Wright, PhD, Geriatrics Nursing, answered on behalf of Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)

    All areas of health are interconnected. They all need energy to function. You have a limited amount of energy available. Holding a grudge requires mental energy. It robs you of the energy you need for staying healthy in all areas. The bigger or more intense the grudge, the more energy it uses. If that grudge is part of a larger scenario that includes other grudges, maybe some general anger and frustration, it can consume so much of your energy that your ability to function well in your life is depleted. Your defenses against infection will be lowered. Eating and digesting the food you need stay healthy doesn't happen and you may become anemic. It becomes hard to concentrate so you get passed over for promotion at work. Anything that consumes your energy without being positively productive is detrimental to your health.

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  • ADiscovery Health answered

    Yes. Research shows that feelings of anger, hostility and resentment are risk factors for heart attacks.

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