Is my penis size determined by heredity or another factor?

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  • AMehmet Oz, MD, Cardiology, answered
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    Penis size is determined by a few factors, including heredity. Dr. Oz discusses the many factors involved in this video.

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  • AMadeleine Castellanos, MD, Sexual Health, answered on behalf of Good In Bed
    Penis size is generally hereditary. Some scientists are concerned that certain chemicals known as endocrine disruptors could affect penis size in a growing male fetus. Research has linked high blood levels of these chemicals in pregnant women to smaller penis and testicle size, as well as lower sperm count, in their male offspring. For the most part, though, a man's genes determine the size of his penis.

    As for the idea that you can get tell a guy's penis size by looking at his hands, feet, or nose, there's mixed evidence to support that claim. One 1988 study did find a weak relationship between penis size, foot length, and body height, but a 2002 study found no correlation between penis size and shoe size. If there is a link, researchers suspect it's because the same genes that control the development of the penis also control limb development.
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