Macular Degeneration

Does cataract surgery make macular degeneration worse?

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  • AJames Salz, MD, Ophthalmology, answered on behalf of American Academy of Ophthalmology's EyeSmart
    In most cases, cataract surgery will not make macular degeneration get worse, especially with dry macular degeneration. With wet macular degeneration, there is a chance that the amount of swelling in the macula can be made worse, but special drops can be used to reduce this risk. The visual improvement may be disappointing if the cataract is minor and the main cause of the decreased vision is macular degeneration. Usually, the retinal specialist can help the patient decide if the cataract is the main problem causing the poor vision or if the macular degeneration is the main problem. In most cases, it is some of both, and it is not always possible to predict how much improvement will take place if the cataract is removed.
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