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What is smoke inhalation?

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    Smoke inhalation occurs when a person breathes in hot air, smoke or chemical fumes, which can cause burns or swelling in the air passages. Life-threatening carbon monoxide poisoning can occur with smoke inhalation. The person may be restless, confused or violent from the smoke and toxic gases inhaled. A changed mental state may be a direct effect of the toxins or may be caused by a lack of oxygen (hypoxia). Urgent medical attention is needed for someone with symptoms of smoke inhalation. These symptoms include:

    • Difficulty breathing.
    • Noisy breathing.
    • Wheezing.
    • Hoarseness, trouble speaking or inability to speak in full sentences.
    • Coughing.
    • Dark-colored sputum.
    • A change in mental state, such as restlessness, confusion or sleepiness (lethargy).

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