Lung Cancer

Is having lung cancer an automatic death sentence?

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  • AVijay Nuthakki, MD, Thoracic Surgery, answered on behalf of Aurora Health Care
    The diagnosis of lung cancer does not automatically mean imminent death. Several tests will need to be done to identify the stage as well as the specific cell type. Based on the diagnostic data, several options including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are available and can be tailored to treat the specific tumor.
  • ANiamh van Meines, Nursing, answered
    The prognosis regarding lung cancer depends on 3 factors: 1. How early it is diagnosed. 2. Whether surgery, radiation and chemotherapy can offer a cure. 3. The response to treatment. In the early stages, people with lung cancer can hope for and expect a cure. In late stages, lung cancer will be responsible for a premature death but there is a good chance to prolong life and ensure quality of life.
  • AClaudia I. Henschke, MD, Radiology, answered on behalf of The Mount Sinai Health System

    It doesn’t have to be.  When lung cancer is diagnosed in its earliest stage, the chance for cure is high.  Hope has been found in the early detection of lung cancer with annual CT screening of high-risk individuals. Annual screening with CT scans can find lung cancers in their earliest stage, when up to 92% can be cured.

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