Living with Diabetes

What should I keep in mind when job hunting if I have diabetes?

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  • Not everyone discriminates against people with diabetes, so don’t let the fear of discrimination in the workplace keep you from seeking or reaching your career goals.

    Tips for Job Hunting with Diabetes

    • Try not to think of diabetes as a defect. It is a part of your life.
    • Be prepared by knowing your rights. Remember that employers are not allowed to ask about your health before deciding whether to hire you. Once the job has been offered, they can ask about medical conditions only as they relate to the job as part of the pre-employment physical examination.
    • If you wait to disclose your diabetes until after the job has been offered, take a positive approach. Be sure to point out how diabetes helps you be a conscientious employee.
    • During your physical exam, if required, accurately describe your condition and how you care for your diabetes. Don’t try to change your diabetes care plan immediately before any physical examination. Changes in routine can affect your glucose levels.
    • Your company’s doctor is probably not a diabetes specialist, and you may need to educate him or her about how you manage your diabetes. Offer input from your treating diabetes physician to help the examining doctor make an accurate diagnosis.

    In time, popular thinking will catch up with what many know already: diabetes doesn’t have to keep you from doing what you want to do.

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