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Do my diabetes supplies have to go through the X-ray at the airport?

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  • You have the option of requesting a visual inspection of your insulin and diabetes associated supplies rather than putting them through X-ray. Keep in mind that you must request a visual inspection before the screening process begins otherwise your medications and supplies will undergo X-ray inspection. You should separate your medication and associated supplies from your other property in a pouch or bag. Medications should be labeled so they are identifiable.

    In order to prevent contamination or damage to medication and associated supplies and/or fragile medical materials, you should be asked at the security checkpoint to display, handle, and repack your own medication and associated supplies during the visual inspection process.

    Any medication and/or associated supplies that cannot be cleared visually must be submitted for X-ray screening. If you refuse, you might not be permitted to carry your medications and related supplies into the sterile area.
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