Living With Arthritis

What kinds of exercises can help with lower back pain due to arthritis?

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  • AGrant Cooper, MD, Physical Medicine/rehabilitation, answered
    If you have lower back pain, and have been told by your doctor it is due to arthritis, stretching and strengthening the hip girdle muscles and performing core strengthening exercises should be very helpful. However, if any of these exercises are painful, stop immediately. Do not exercise "through the pain." Talk to your doctor.
  • AJonathan Penney, Fitness, answered on behalf of National Academy of Sports Medicine

    Prior to completing any form of exercise, you should get clearance from your physician. Not having clearance may be detrimental to your health.

    The best forms of exercise will be core exercise such as planks and bridges. Try to avoid and flexion or extension of the spine as this will place undue stress on your back. Also, work on active flexibility to keep your body loose.

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