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How can I manage faucets if I have arthritis?

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  • AShelley Peterman Schwarz, Neurology, answered
    Here are some tips to make faucets and sinks easier to manage if you have arthritis.
    • Install wrist blades on water faucets. If you have separate controls for hot and cold water, consider installing wrist blades. Wrist blades are wide, wing-type handles that are operated by pushing with the forearm, wrist or heel of the hand. They are available at most plumbing supply stores and hardware stores.
    • Consider replacing bathroom faucets with kitchen faucets. Turning water on and off is easier if you have a single lever arm to control the temperature and water pressure. Kitchen models generally have longer levers than bathroom models and are easier to use.
    • Install a touchless faucet. This is a wonderful aid for someone who finds it difficult to grasp or turn knobs or who perhaps forgets to turn off the water. A touchless faucet has an electric eye that senses the person’s hands in front of it and turns the water on and off automatically. The faucet can be preset to a specific temperature to avoid scalding. Touchless faucets are available from plumbing contractors or home supply stores and may require professional installation.
    • Use a washcloth to help turn faucets on and off. If your hands are weak and you have trouble turning water faucets on and off, try using a washcloth to turn the knobs. You’d be amazed at how much easier the faucets are to operate.

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