Living With An Eating Disorder

How do eating disorders affect the body?

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  • Eating disorders can have profound effects on your body, especially if you do not seek help for them. Lack of proper nutrition can wreak havoc on normal body functions and can be life threatening. Affects on the circulatory system include high or low blood pressure or heart disease. Problems with your brain, like seizures or mental illness (such as depression) can also result. Eating disorders can also cause problems with your kidneys, digestive tract, teeth, bones, and menstrual cycle, too.

  • AMichael Pertschuk, MD, Psychiatry, answered
    Dr. Michael Pertschuk - How do eating disorders affect the body?

    Psychiatrist and eating disorder specialist Dr. Michael Pertschuk explains how eating disorders affect the body. Watch Dr. Pertschuk''s video for tips and information on eating behaviors.

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