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How can I encourage good behavior with my kids at home?

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  • ALynne Kenney, Psychology, answered
    In America we need to teach our children more about the behaviors that are expected out of them, not just what will happen when they misbehave.

    STEP 1 – Teach your children about the family culture in which you live. “In our family we…”

    STEP 2 – Write out all the positive behaviors you see in your home for 72 hours. This will be the “lake” in which your children fish when they need to find a more positive behavior. “I saw”

    Someone help clear the table.

    Put their toys back.

    Put their laundry in the basket.

    Offer to help out.

    STEP 3 – Lift one another up. Comment on what your family members are doing well and ask for more of it.

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