Kidney Stone Treatment

What are natural treatments for kidney stones?

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  • AGregory Jack, MD, Urology, answered on behalf of UCLA Health
    The best natural treatments are fluids and a healthy lifestyle with exercise.
  • AJacob Teitelbaum, Integrative Medicine, answered

    Eating food with calcium is ok. Tea and coffee is not. Eating food with calcium does NOT increase your risk of kidney stones (it may actually lower it), but foods that create oxalate can (e.g., tea, coffee, beans, chocolate). Before stopping these, do the following treatments. Only stop these foods if the stones come back after treatment.

    Drink water to stay well hydrated. The more dilute your urine, the less likely it is that things will crystallize out.

    Taking magnesium and vitamin B6 has been shown to decrease the production of calcium stones by over 90% in repeated studies. Taking a good multi-nutrient supplement is a good way to get these. Consider adding an additional 200 mg of magnesium at dinner to modestly increase its effectiveness, as magnesium's effectiveness at preventing stones may increase if taken with a meal.

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