Kidney Disease Treatments

Are there alternative treatments for kidney disease?

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  • There are no alternative treatments for kidney disease. Consulting a dietitian will help you eat a diet that is healthier for your kidneys, but once kidney function decreases significantly, you will need medical care such as dialysis to stay alive. Talk to your doctor about treating your kidney disease.

  • AJudith Mabel, RD, Nutrition & Dietetics, answered
    The best non-dialysis related treatment is a very low protein diet. There are 2 books I would recommend. One is Joan Hogan's recent book, The Vegetarian Diet for Kidney Disease. The other is Coping with Kidney Diseaase by Mackenzie Walzer, MD. In their experiences, a vegetarian or mainly vegetairian diet can help delay dialysis for a year or more. You will also need the advice of a nutritionist or dietitian to help you put this plan into action.
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