Insect Bites

What are natural ways to soothe insect bites?

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  • AMaoshing Ni, PhD, LAc, Gerontology, answered
    Here are some natural ways to soothe itchy insect bites:

    1. Prevention is the easiest way to avoid dealing with insect bites. Avoid the toxic chemicals found in commercial insect repellents. Use natural alternatives, including oils made from lemongrass, citronella, eucalyptus, wintergreen, lavender and turmeric.

    2. Once bitten, remove the stinger, if there is one, and clean area with water. Use an ice pack for temporary relief of severe itching and swelling.

    3. Be as cool as a cucumber. Place cucumber skins on top of the bites to sooth the itching and irritation. You can also cut 2-inch round slices from a fresh eggplant and place on top of bite to draw out toxins and sooth the irritation.

    4. Apply honey to a bug bite to sooth the skin. Because honey is a natural antibiotic, it can also help prevent infections.

    5. Apply a blend of essential oils of eucalyptus, winter green and peppermint or tea tree oil to bites every 2 to 3 hours to relieve itching and aid healing.
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