What is a homeopathic doctor?

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  • ABurke Lennihan RN CCH, Alternative & Complementary Medicine, answered

    A homeopathic doctor is a licensed medical doctor who is also trained to practice homeopathy. Typically these MDs either hold a DHt specialty degree (Doctor of Homeopathic Therapeutics) from the American Medical Association or a CCH (Certified Classical Homeopath) from the Council on Homeopathic Certification.

    In Arizona, a new law allows the American Medical College of Homeopathy to train homeopathic medical doctors.

    In other countries, especially in Europe and South America, it is much more common to find medical doctors who practice homeopathy. In India, there are dozens of five-year medical schools and associated hospitals that train homeopathic doctors.

    People from these countries tend to call all American homeopaths ‘homeopathic doctors’ but actually non-MD practitioners are just called ‘homeopaths.’

    In the United States, in the 19th century, homeopathic doctors were common, and many of our hospitals and medical schools were founded as homeopathic institutions. Here in Boston, we have Boston University Medical School and Boston Medical Center which were originally homeopathic.

  • AJohn J. Connolly, Healthcare Insurance & Policy, answered

    That is a label applied to physicians, or sometimes non-physicians, who claim to practice Homeopathic Medicine.  There is no license for Homeopathic Medicine in any state in the United States.   Rather, the label implies a school of thought or treatment, which, in many cases rests on natural remedies.  In its original form, as practiced by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann  among others, homeopathic medicine stressed minimal quantities of various ingredients.  In the days of Hahnemann, there were numerous homeopathic medical schools.  Ultimately, those that did not close, evolved into traditional Allopathic medical schools we know today.  One great contribution of homeopathy to modern medicine was a stress on wellness.

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