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What are some effective home remedies for bruises?

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  • AMehmet Oz, MD, Cardiology, answered
    Home Remedies for Bruises
    One effective home remedy for a bruise is a do-it-yourself ice pack like a bag of frozen peas. Watch as Dr. Oz discusses remedies for bruises.

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  • ABurke Lennihan RN CCH, Alternative/complementary Medicine, answered

    Arnica is the best remedy, whether taken homeopathically or herbally. The homeopathic remedy is a highly purified and energized form of the herb, and both are good. The herbal remedy is closer to the actual plant, and a lot of people like using herbs, maybe even making their own herbal remedies straight from the plant. David Hoffman’s’ answer explains the herbal uses well.

    The homeopathic remedy looks like a little sugar pellet and comes in a tube in your natural food store, usually labeled 30c, which refers to the potency or strength. You can dissolve a couple of pellets under the tongue. The homeopathic form might be better for kids because they like taking remedies – they taste sweet.

    Traumeel is another wonderful external application that includes Arnica. Both are available in any natural food store, or online, for example at example from Get the 30c potency (strength) and dissolve a couple of pellets in your mouth two to four times a day (more frequently if your symptoms are recent and intense, less frequently as time goes on and your symptoms subside).

    For more information, see the Bumps and Bruises chapter of my book, A Healer In Every Home.

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  • ADavid Hoffmann, Integrative Medicine, answered

    Arnica has a well deserved reputation as a  remedy that can be safely applied to the skin, effectively speeding the healing of bruises and sprains. The herb, used externally, will help relieve both pain and inflammation. In fact it may be used on the skin in all cases of pain or inflammation as long as the skin is not broken. It may also be applied to painful varicose veins to alleviate the discomfort.

    Arnica should not be taken internally as a tea or tincture, as it is potentially toxic. However, an exceedingly dilute solution, referred to as a homeopathic preparation, is safe to take internally, especially when used according to homeopathic directions.

    Research has shown Arnica to stimulate the immune system and some of its constituents are known to have anti–inflammatory activity.

    There are many external applications that are made with Arnica. In addition to external homeopathic remedies that are in a base of lotion or witch hazel, tinctures and infused oils can be very helpful. Depending on the cause of swelling, bruising and soreness, the addition of an essential oil such as Blue Chamomile to Arnica oil will usually increase the anti-inflammation effect.

    Arnica is native to most mountainous regions of North America and is a member of the daisy family.

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