Healthy Holidays

How can I stay healthy during the Holiday season?

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  • ARandy P. Martin, MD, Cardiology, answered on behalf of Piedmont Heart Institute
    Dr. Randy Martin - How can I stay healthy during the Holiday season?

    Stay healthy during the Holiday season by not over drinking, over eating, and by not over spending. Watch this video to learn more tips from Dr. Randy P. Martin on how to stay healthy this Holiday season.

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  • Staying healthy around the holiday season is always a hard one.  Between the holiday parties at work, family visiting and hanging out with friends the calories can add up and so can your waistline.  Rule of thumb is remember everything in moderation.  The calories can add up from alcohol drinks, holiday cookies and the buffett of food being served.  So you need to limit how much you eat during the day.  Even plan it into your calories for the day. Bottom line is to make smart choices and limit how much food and drinks you intake from the holiday season or you will be paying for it later.
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