High Cholesterol

Are there alternative treatments for high cholesterol?

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  • Before using any medications, individuals with high cholesterol should try to manage the condition through alternative treatments. By losing 5 to 10 pounds, your cholesterol can go down significantly. This is achieved through a heart-healthy diet of good fats, dietary cholesterol, whole grains, fish, and produce, as well as a restricted intake of alcohol. Regular exercise can also help to diminish cholesterol. Finally, you should not smoke. Quitting smoking will greatly decrease your chance of high cholesterol and heart disease within 24 hours.
    Alternative or natural medicines include artichoke, barley, beta-sitosterol, blond psyllium, garlic, oat bran, red yeast rice, and sitostanol.

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  • ASuzanne Steinbaum, DO, Cardiology, answered
    Are there alternative treatments for high cholesterol?

    A healthy diet and regular exercise are the most natural ways to lower your cholesterol, though plant sterols have proven to be effective, too. Watch as cardiologist Suzanne Steinbaum, DO, shares the safest ways to lower cholesterol naturally.

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