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How long will it take me to recover from hernia surgery?

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  • ATodd Mangione, DO, General Surgery, answered on behalf of Baptist Health South Florida
    How long it takes you to recover from hernia surgery may depend on the type of surgery you had and whether you experience any complications from the surgery. 

    A hernia is a weakness, tear or hole that occurs in a piece of body tissue, most often the abdominal wall, through which another body part (such as the bowel) may protrude and cause a bulge. In hernia surgery, your doctor can push the wayward piece of tissue back into place and seal up the hole or tear using stitches and/or a patch of surgical mesh.

    If you have laparoscopic hernia surgery (a procedure in which a doctor inserts surgical instruments through a scope in a tiny incision in the belly button area), typically it may take two to three weeks before you feel completely better.
    If your surgeon repairs your hernia by inserting surgical instruments through a full incision in your abdomen, your recovery may take longer, possibly six weeks or more. Complications, including an infection or a recurrence of the hernia, may also occur after surgery, prolonging your recovery time.
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