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What is Wu Wei Zi tea?

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  • APeter Bongiorno, ND, Naturopathic Medicine, answered
    One favorite calming herb that I use in my clinic is an herbal tea called Wu Wei Zi. It’s a tea that’s been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. It’s made with dried schizandra berries. In Chinese, “Wu Wei Zi" means "five-flavored herb" because the berry tastes sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and acidic. It supports the function of the adrenal glands (the glands that release our stress hormones) and keeps them from overstimulating, which can release adrenaline and cause feelings of anxiety (like palpitations, sweating, etc.). Not only is it beneficial for anxiety, it also helps fatigue. In that calming spirit, it will boost the immune system, aid in liver function, and improve mental performance and clarity.

    To take as a tea, purchase schizandra berries from your local health food store and steep them. For one serving, boil one cup water, then add one tablespoon of berries to the steeper and drop into the boiling water. Reduce the heat to low and steep the berries for 15 minutes. To add more flavor, you can add lemon or honey, although most of my patients like the taste as it is. You can also buy prepared tea bags for about $7 a box.

    Drink this tea once or twice a day and you’ll feel calm and focused. It’s so mild and gentle, you can drink this regularly.
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