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What herbal treatments can ease heartburn?

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  • ABryce B. Wylde, Alternative/complementary Medicine, answered
    Bryce Wylde - What herbal treatments can ease heartburn?

    One of the best natural remedies for heartburn is a common grocery store staple, says integrative medicine expert Bryce Wylde. Find out what it is by watching this video.

  • ADavid Hoffmann, Integrative Medicine, answered

    A number of effective medicinal plants can be safely used to alleviate the discomforts of occasional heartburn. There are two groups of herbs that are useful: Demulcents and Carminative.

    Mucilage rich herbs, known as demulcents, provide a safe treatment for the symptoms of heartburn. They are helpful whenever a soothing effect is needed. For example, the mucilage in the leaves and roots of marshmallow protect the mucous membranes of the stomach from damage caused by too much acidity.

    The symptom of heartburn can be caused by acid reflux, GERD and a range of other issues. Heart problems may also mimic heartburn. Unexplained chest pain should be evaluated.

    Also helpful are the so-called carminative herbs which are rich in essential oils. These pleasantly aromatic constituents reduce inflammation on the lining of the stomach and relax tense muscles. The result is a lessening of gas and the discomforts it produces.

    Consider making a cup of tea from one of the following herbs: Chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm, aniseed, fennel and ginger. These may be sweetened to taste and should be drunk hot as needed.

    Heartburn may be relieved by some simple measures. Try to:

         • Maintain a healthy weight
         • Avoid tight fitting clothing
         • Eat smaller meals
         • Delay lying down after a meal
         • Elevate the head of the bed
         • Stop smoking

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