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What are cayenne supplements used for?

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  • Low back pain (topical plaster) - Good evidence suggests that cayenne may reduce lower back pain when applied to the skin. Additional research is needed to reach a strong conclusion about dose, duration, and safety.

    Post-operative nausea / vomiting (plaster at acupoint) - Capsicum plaster at acupoints, an alternative to acupuncture, has been studied as a means to reduce postoperative nausea and vomiting with promising results. Based on available studies, Capsicum plaster at P6 or K-D2 may reduce postoperative nausea, vomiting, and the need for anti-nausea medications. Additional study is needed to understand the mechanism of action and appropriate dosing.

    Post-operative pain (plaster at acupoint) - Cayenne plasters at acupoints reduced postoperative pain and the need for pain-relieving medications. Further study on dose, duration, and safety is still required.

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