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If I take alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), how much should I take?

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  • Adults (18 years and older):
    • General: In general, experts believe it is safe to use alpha lipoic acid (ALA) at recommended doses for up to two years.

    • Alcoholic liver disease: A dose of 300 milligrams of thioctic acid has been taken daily in three divided doses for up to 24 weeks.

    • Cognitive function (HIV): A dose of 600 milligrams of ALA has been taken twice daily for 10 weeks.

    • Diabetes: Doses of 600-1,800 milligrams of ALA have been taken by mouth daily. Doses of 500-1,000 milligrams of ALA per 50-500 milliliters of sodium chloride have been injected.

    • Drug-induced cardiotoxicity: A dose of 100 milligrams per kilogram (-1) of ALA reportedly reduced heart damage caused by the anti-cancer drug doxorubicin in a poorly described study.

    • Glaucoma: A dose of 150 milligrams of ALA has been taken for one month.

    • Ischemia-reperfusion injury protection: A dose of 600 milligrams of ALA in 50 milliliters of sodium chloride has been injected.

    • Kidney disease: For 12 weeks, patients undergoing hemodialysis took 600 milligrams of ALA daily.

    • Neuropathy: 600-1,800 milligrams of ALA has been taken by mouth daily in divided doses from three weeks to two years. A dose of 600 milligrams of ALA has been injected daily for 5-10 days.

    • Pain (burning mouth syndrome): A daily dose of 200-600 milligrams of ALA has been taken by mouth for up to two months.

    • Wound healing (in patients undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy): A dose of 300 milligrams of ALA has been used one hour before exposure to oxygen and immediately after therapy. Then, patients took 300 milligrams twice daily for the next 30 treatments.

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