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How is Dill used in Herbal Medicine?

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  • ADavid Hoffmann, Integrative Medicine, answered

    Dill is an effective traditional herbal remedy for digestive upsets such as gas and bloating, and is the herb of choice for children’s colic. Dill fruit and herb help the digestive system by stimulating saliva and gastric juices in the stomach.  Both saliva and gastric juices are essential to helping properly process and breakdown food.  Dill essential oil helps fight both virus and bacterial infections.

    Dill is traditionally used to help stimulate milk flow in nursing mothers and is often combined with other herbs that stimulate breast milk production such as fennel, coriander and anise.  Dill is also an active ingredient in gripe water making it an effective remedy for children’s colic.

    Chewing Dill seeds helps clear bad breath. Dill is an indispensible herb in Nordic cooking but is used all over the world from Sweden to North and Central America.  The spice is most often found in methods of pickling, from cucumbers to beets and even cabbage. 

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