Heart Attack

When do heart attacks most commonly happen?

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  • AMehmet Oz, MD, Cardiology, answered
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    Having a "case of the Mondays" may be just more than something in the movies. In this video, Dr. Oz reveals why Monday mornings are the most common time that people have heart attacks.
  • ACarolyn Thomas, Healthcare, answered on behalf of Heart Sisters
    Here are some other weird facts about when heart attacks happen. We know that Monday is the most common day (Saturday is a close second) and early morning is the most common time of day. But we also know that 27% of heart attacks are more likely to occur around your birthday, especially in women. (I experienced my first heart attack symptoms the day after celebrating my 58th birthday with family and friends!)
    Many heart attack survivors can point to a specific incident that seemed to trigger the attack: heavy exertion, stress, anger, fear, grief, extreme hot or cold weather, heavy drinking, eating a large meal, or (rarely) having sex.
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