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How can I tell if my pillow is still in good shape?

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  • AMichael Breus, PhD, Psychology, answered

    How do you know if you are sleeping on a “dead” pillow? Here are a few simple steps:

    1. Begin by laying your pillow across your arm and look at how it’s folded.

    2. Does it have a slight fold, but still sticks out at the ends? If so, then the structural integrity of your pillow is fine.

    3. Or does your pillow fold--or flop--over your arm like an old saddle bag? Then you have a dead pillow and it needs to be replaced.

    Still not convinced? Try this:

    1. Lay your pillow on top of your bed and fold it in half.

    2. Now place a shoe on top and let go.

    3. If the shoe goes flying, then your pillow is fine; if it is stays put then you need a new pillow.

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