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How can I make healthy choices at restaurants?

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  • ALisa Lillien, Nutrition & Dietetics, answered
    How can I make healthy choices at restaurants?

    Restaurants are packed with unhealthy temptations. In this video, "Hungry Girl" author Lisa Lillien reveals how to enjoy a healthy meal out.

  • To make healthy choices at a restaurant, it helps to know a few cooking terms. These are clues about ingredients and preparation methods that can help you make better selections from the menu.

    Choose foods that are described as:

    • Steamed
    • In its own juice
    • Garden fresh
    • Broiled
    • Roasted
    • Poached
    • Dry broiled (in lemon juice or butter)
    • Lean

    Avoid foods that are described as:

    • Buttery, buttered, in butter sauces
    • Creamed, in cream sauce, in its own gravy, hollandaise
    • Au gratin, Parmesan, in cheese sauce, scalloped
    • Sautéed, fried, pan-fried, crispy, braised
    • Breaded, stuffed
    • Casserole, prime, hash, pot pie
    • Marinated (in oil), basted in butter or gravy, in brine
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